Sump Pump Installation

We all understand what all efforts you do when it comes to dealing with the maniacal situation of water accumulation. The best that you can do in this case is to install a sump pump in your basement. With a sump pump, you can ensure that you come out as the ultimate winner against the battle to keep water out of your home. With a well installed sump pump, your house manages to stay away from water associated problems so that you do not have to deal with flooded basements.

MMT Waterproofing has garnered specialization when it comes to deal with sump pump installation. Our services speak of accuracy and quality, hence making things manageable at all ends. You can make sure that your basement remains devoid of water without taking much pain. Our experts initiate the process while evaluating your home and surroundings. We consider the existing drainage system to find and suggest the best spot for pump installation.

Battery Backup Installation

Now when you have a sump pump in your basement, you will need to make sure that your sump pump works in the desired way. For this, you will need to battery backup. Your basement would remain dry as long as your sump pump is working and to let it run for hours, you will have to settle for the battery backup installation services offered by MMT Waterproofing. With battery backup pump installed in your homes, we make sure that your house remains dry even during power loss.

Window Well With Vertical Drains

We, at MMT Waterproofing offer window well installation services throughout Greater Toronto area. We begin while assessing the water damage caused earlier and based upon the same determine whether window wells will help in safeguarding your home from any future damage.
Your foundation can stay safe from water damage when you get properly installed window wells that collect water and then drain the water away from your home. This minimises the risk of water seeping into your house. Knowing when water has started accumulating near your foundation could be difficult, this is why you should get window wells installed and stay stress free.

Weeping Tile Installation

No matter if your basement is acting as an attic having old stuff or you have a furnished basement used as living room, you need to ensure that it stays safe in both cases. You might come across countless waterproofing techniques that aid in keeping water away from your basement, but how about making your basement in a way that it stays away from flood. We are here talking about weeping tile installation in basement.

MMT Waterproofing has emerged has one of the most innovative and experienced waterproofing experts in Greater Toronto Area. Our team of experienced engineers follows the best practices whole installing weeping tile system in your basement. Weeping tiles are best at pushing water away from your home. We recommend installation of weeping tiles from the inside of your home, hence ensuring that you manage to save some extra bucks.