Many people fail to understand the importance of Underpinning the basement, just because they do not want to spend anything extra that too on the basement. But, saving a little extra at the cost of leaving your house exposed to flood is not an appealing idea. To make sure that the glory of your paradise remains preserved forever, underpinning is what you need to settle for.

Underpinning is the process that helps in strengthening and stabilizing the existing foundation of a structure. The process involving underpinning is simple and involves increase in the depth of foundation. This helps in distributing the load across a wider area, hence diminishing the chance of incurring water damage. At MMT Waterproofing, we initiate the process only after accumulating requisite city permits. All the underpinning services delivered by us, adheres by the pre-defined standards ensuring that they easily get approved by city inspectors.

The reasons why you should use MMT Waterproofing are boundless. We make use of the best construction material and up to date techniques throughout the process. With us being licensed and insured, you can expect superior workmanship. The best part about underpinning services is that it includes crack repairing, if any in the basement. Moreover, the floor space gets utilized completely when you lower your basement. We believe that there are countless reasons for why you need basement underpinning, some of which have been listed below.

  • Instable existing foundation.
  • Planning a new use of the structure.
  • Structure issues caused by nearby excavations.
  • Increase in the load capacity of foundation.
  • Combating the risk caused by floods and earthquakes.

For all those who have any of the aforementioned reasons in mind or something not listed here, let us know as we will be more than happy to offer you our efficient foundation underpinning services.